Bioray Formulations

I have had great success with Bioray products in my clinical practice. As a clinician I value the high quality and safety standards Bioray adheres to allowing me to recommend their products to my patients with confidence.
— Dr. Tracy Fritz, MD

Doctor Formulated

BIORAY®'s professional line of products have been clinically formulated by oriental medical doctor, Dr. Timothy Ray, OMD. Dr. Ray discovered and developed proprietary manufacturing methods that provide patients with highly effective and unique dietary supplements.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Since our beginning, the herbal formulas we manufacture are based on the time proven systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and are well known for their potent effects of balancing the body. The herbs we select are known through centuries of human consumption to be safe and to have healing properties. 

Formulas Tested According to RBTI

Each BIORAY® formula is tested on the biochemistry of 40 or more people. This means we have a specific knowledge of each formula’s metabolic (functional) impact on individual pH, sugar, salt, ammonia (Nh4), and nitrate (No3). This technique supplies us with valuable information, allowing us to expertly modify and buffer a formula until we have one that works for most people, most of the time.

At BIORAY® we have married ancient Chinese Medicine with science to create natural herbal tinctures that assimilate quickly and effectively.


Letter From Stephanie Ray, CNHP

Dear Practitioner,

Its important to us that you and your patients get the results you are looking for with BIORAY® products. Whether it's supporting the immune system, detoxifying heavy metals and chemicals, or restoring the endocrine system -- healing the body and spirit go together to make a happy planet. We cannot heal without you, thank you for what you do.

We created this website for 2 reasons:

  1. To share the fruits of our clinical protocols and intervention studies in the hopes it's something useful for your practice.
  2. To offer you the same arrangement "Big Box" retailers of dietary supplements receive; free product with opening orders. (This offer is valid for our existing practitioners as well).

We're a bit of rebels here. We believe plant medicine and allopathic medicine can be used together to make a positive difference. Patients experience a different kind of healing while taking their western medications and supporting organs and elimination pathways with BIORAY® products -- benefits without many of the negative side effects.  Check out our Vaccine and Antibiotic Support Guide to see example protocols and our intention to make the process easier for you and your patients. 

My best to you,


Stephanie Ray, CNHP

Our Promise 

  • High quality, unique, in demand formulas that assist you in and your patients quickly. 
  • Customer service to support you, the clinician, with protocols and clinical pearls, adding to your armamentarium ideas and tools that assist the most difficult cases. 
  • Experience better control and patient compliance. BIORAY's liquid tinctures are easy to administer and dosing can be customized for the most sensitive patient in water or juice. 
  • You are recommending the best products available for your patients. BIORAY® formulas include whole, organic ingredients with a scientific proprietary method of extraction, and are third party tested for purity. Non-GMO, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Non Dairy.

Open a Wholesale Account

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